Why I Travel

I travel because it makes me feel. image2 (4)

I travel for the highs and for the lows.

For the moment when you’re walking through a park and you see a snapshot of a families life. A father and mother showing their child the beauty of their world contained in the millions of leaves around them, and how to listen to the birds sing.

For the lonesome travels down the nameless roads of a great pillar of humanity. Where the cobbles are worn down by time and the comings and goings of their citizens tell a story.

For the shared conversations with a stranger over a beer in a dimly lit tavern. Confessing both of your longings and how your heart use to feel more than it does in that eternal moment.

image3 (5)For the sadness of not knowing when you’ll see a place that has changed you again. Or how you may never find the words to tell of the ways it did.

I travel to see how the gypsies con in their search for a home.

To see how the Irish dance when all their sheep are out to rest.

I travel to be connected to this holy world. To experience the kiss of a thousand winds. To see a hundred suns, and to love under the mother moon.

I travel to share my gospel and ideas, and cry when people share theirs with me. But thank them when they open my eyes and soul to a new unknown world.

I travel to see how the architects and intellectuals of a time gone by use to think.

I travel to spite wall street. To humiliate hollywood. And to take pictures that no one but myself will see.

Travel kills my prejudices and neutralizes my hate. The smiles of all the people I’ll never know fill me up while I try to learn the names of those who have dreams. image4 (4)

I travel because one day my feet won’t wonder anymore. All I’ll have will be the places I’ve been, and the memories I’ve come to cherish. I know that one day I won’t be defined by a place, but shaped by all.

Travel is an age old past time. But one that has no rule book and is open to all those who feel. Has given fuel for revolutionary ideas, fostered the most moving of writings, and been the conduit for escapism.

Travel will always be in my soul and I’ll always be bound to wonder no matter where I am…

Why do you travel?


47 responses to “Why I Travel

  1. I feel the same way too.. I travel because I want to explore, discover, see and understand.. It’s as if traveling is everything.

  2. You did a great job putting it into words. My husband doesn’t understand my love of traveling, so I am always trying to explain to him why I enjoy learning about other cultures, experiencing different ways of life, and seeing new things that I could never see in my own backyard. It is my goal to take our daughter on vacation every year. I want her to experience life by living it, not just by sitting in a classroom learning about it. We live in a beautiful world, and I want to discover all it has to offer.

    • Thank you and I can’t wait to take my own kids traveling one day when I get there. And it’s okay some of my friends and family don’t understand either haha

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