New Name New Look

I’ve Rebranded!

This is the Adventures of a Twenty Something 2.0. Why the change?

The Adventures of a 20 something was a way for me to find my footing in the world of blogging and writing. I learned a lot and grew a lot. But with that growth The Adventures of a 20 Something wasn’t cutting it. I needed more outlets to write to. I had a mind full of new topics and ideas, but with a blog with no where to put them. I wanted to branch out in a way that didn’t feel awkward, forced, or squeezed into a small box.

So ‘Travellers’ is just that. The expanded ‘Adventures of a 20 Something’. It’s not the ‘Jeremy’ blog anymore (although there will still be a lot of that), it’s more about the community this time around. What makes someone a traveller.

What inspires them, keeps them going, and where they go. More full of pictures and stories. Triumphs, lessons, and tragedies. It’s not about only those who travel the world, it’s about those who keep moving every day. Who overcome objects in their life. Who move from point A to B. No matter what A and B are. Be them countries or careers.

So I’m trying something new and I hope you dig it.

Welcome to Travellers.

Jeremy Parris.

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