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Welcome to Travellers

I’m glad you found us by whatever means you did. Travellers is simply a blog dedicated to the travellers of the world. Be them people who enjoy adventures in far off places, or even the people who switch from one job or home to the other.


Up above you’ll find reviews ‘new name new look‘, ‘Travellers Stories’, ‘Travellers Insight’, ‘Interviews’, ‘Places’, and ‘Reviews’.

New name new look‘ just explains that I’ve rebranded this blog. It formerly was ‘The Adventures of a 20 Something’, but I’ve totally overhauled, and expanded the blog to Travellers.

‘Stories, interviews, and insight are from myself and all the travellers I’ve had the privilege to encounter and talk to. If you have an interesting travel story, think you’d make for an interesting interview, or have any insight, encouragement, or inspiration you’d like to shave, please find my email below.

‘Places’ will just be the different places I and others have visited. Be the articles underneath about travel experiences, insight, or whatever else.

Under ‘reviews‘ you’ll find things I’ve reviewed as well as sponsors that have helped me or others with their travels. Be it an Ipod or a wallet. Occasionally you may find a story or two in there. If you’d like to contribute by telling of an item that has helped you, please find my email below.

Off to the side, where the black bars are you’ll find, ‘Start Here’, ‘Travel Help’, and the ‘About Jeremy’.

‘Start Here’ is where you are now. Just trying to explain the idea of the site and how to navigate it. While the About Jeremy is simply a little bit about me.

Travellers Help’, will hold all sorts of tips and trick for the road. Ways to save money, or things that may help make your travel easier. If you have any ideas or tips you’d like to contribute please find me email below.


If you’d like to contribute at all to the blog or have any questions, comments, or want to connect, please feel free to email me at

Thanks for stoping by

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