Travellers Mission

Travellers are the people of the world.

Travellers far off in foreign lands see the same sun you do.

Travellers navigate their life day by day. Never resting in the same place for to long.

Travellers are the Irish men who drink to laugh and laugh to get high.

Travellers aren’t always away from home, and others never leave. Yet they still know how to dream and change evermore evermore.

Travellers wake up in the morning and rub their two pennies together. Waiting to discover the richness of the day and the passions of tomorrow.

Travellers are all the millions of souls who ache in the memories of yesterday. But never miss a golden moment.

Travellers stop go stop go stop go, because we’re all only human.

Travellers are the mad men, profits, doctors, Buddhists, rock stars, philanthropist hobos of the world. And always hear some far off distant cosmic humming pushing them on evermore evermore.

Travellers are you and travellers are me.

Travellers are the people of the world.


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