Verses of the Road Part. 2

It’s always interesting to see what moments can give way to. From the simplest most common moments, to rare occurrences where everything in life seems to line up in perfect harmony. I believe that any moment is to never be waisted or taken at face value. For you never know when you may find a hidden meaning behind something, or have that simple moment give way to a beautiful thought or reminder of a long forgotten memory. It’s for this I encourage one to always keep their mind and hearts open at ever twist and turn of the road.  


There are so many tools and technologies that we seem to take for granted in todays strange age. Things that have grown so common place and entrenched in our life that we not only can’t imagine our life without, but we don’t give them a second thought when we use them. As if they’ve become an extension of our body.

I believe the cell phone is one such device. A tool that I never gave much thought to, but in the last year have found my new favorite way to use it. Not to play angry birds, or shoot pictures out into digital oblivion via snapchat or instagram. But rather the most simple of applications on it. The notepad.

It’s in this that I’ve been able to capture moments and thoughts that are ever so fleeting, and that would otherwise have been forgotten by the rising of the next days sun. Thoughts that when cataloged gain more meaning and get entrenched more deeply in my thinking with who I am. For they no longer become fleeting or momentary. They instead become a sort of mantra and a place of inspiration that I can seek refuge in when all others places seem dry and desolate.

It’s a practice that I do not believe that many of us do enough, whatever the excuse may be. For everyone has thoughts and moments that have substance and meaning. And I believe we owe it to ourselves to catalog some of those. If not for any other reason then to show some appreciation for our own minds.

Anyways, I’ll cease with the rambling and share some of my thoughts with you from this most recent trip on the road. Thoughts that I’m grateful I took the thirty seconds to write down. As I can’t imagine them have being lost into the void where all other strange and beautiful things find their oblivion.

“The more I experience and live, the less fate seems to be some strain of mysticism.”

“It’s weird how we turn our lives into the stories we want them to be.”

“The earth is one of a million million little planets in our galaxy. Orbiting around one of a billion suns. And what makes it special? what made it win the cosmic lottery? And what made you and me so special to call it our home?

These odds are unprecedented and unpredictable. It makes our planet completely unique. One in a million. But why can’t I, or we be one in a million? What sets us apart from the millions and millions? What’s holding us back and what is keeping us with the masses? Some future told by those who teach in school. Who tell of a future of mediocrity and normality? For there are no rules to say that we can’t rise above, or make our own paths. That these cosmic odds are somehow against us, rather than for us. For as likely as we are to fail, we are to succeed. And who or what makes the difference?

So with that being said I don’t want to give into random luck. I want to influence my own path as much as I can.”

“It’s funny how quickly young people like to develop habits. When they’re thrust into a new world of freedom and boundless opportunity. Eyes glaze over with the great wide overwhelmingness of it all. Tobacco becomes the poison of some, while endless flesh and lust becomes the medicine for others.”

“Life is about what you make it, not what city you’re in.”

“I don’t believe in police anymore, sense I bought a gun.”

“Why do you think there are so many love songs in the world? In every language and culture. Why do you think the oldest epics that we’ve translated have love deeply woven into their very core? That some of the most horrendous unimaginable crimes have been committed in the name of love, for one or for a country. Yet at the same time some of the most beautiful deeds, acts of courage, and stories are born from that same feeling?

Love is one of the things in this world that is truly universal. That everyone can really relate to, and that binds us all together at some level or another.It’s the simplest language to speak while being something to strive and live for. It keeps hope alive and one warm at night.

It was that same love I felt when I laid eyes on her. I felt every love song and every epic story coarse through my veins and make sense when I heard her voice and when those eyes pierced me. The same eyes that would haunt me and invade my thoughts every second that she wasn’t around.”

Those are some of the more recent verses from the road. Until next time.

5 responses to “Verses of the Road Part. 2

  1. I have been using the notepad function on my cellphone for years! It’s a favorite of mine, as well. I have all kinds of random thoughts and ideas and if I write them on a slip of paper, I tend to lose or misplace it. If I don’t write it down, it’s gone forever! So I do the same as you. Only I use it for everything under the sun and I don’t write as beautifully as you do. Wow! The paragraph about when you laid eyes on her is perfect. You need to write a book! 🙂

    • Ah your far to kind thank you for the comment, truly! And I’m glad someone else utilizes the function. It truly is an invaluable function! But hopefully a book one day! It’s just such a long process haha

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