It’s strange to be back in Paris after such a long time. Although I suppose three months isn’t that long of a spell. Yet never was it planned to be in Paris like this six months ago. Plans over the last year have been time after time again changed and discarded and reformed. But now here I am in the city of love and couldn’t be happier, except this time it isn’t for just a little holiday. Paris is now the place I’m calling home for the next brief period of my life.

It’s one thing to visit a city as a tourist and another to live in it. You get the chance to breath in the city for what it is and to better soak in the culture and customs. For those of you who don’t know I’m here in Paris to be with my love and prepare for the future… It’s a long story.

But it’s nice to be able to wonder the cities parks again, and to experience museums and history that I’ve missed out on from my last two times in the city. It’s been a pleasure to familiarize myself with the streets better and to fall more in love with the city herself. I can’t imagine how difficult it will be to leave this place when my time is up.

So while I’m here I’m going to do my best to record some of the adventures that take place, and to hopefully take the blog to a new level. I have some big plans for the coming months to revamp the page and to hopefully inject some excitement into it. Something that I’ve been failing to do for the last few months, and something I apologize for. It’s not much of an excuse but simply life has been a little crazy.

But I look forward to the journey to come and hope you’ll stick around with me as we dive into the unknown and hopefully have some fun with it.

Till next time.

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