Paris: The beginning

The bus pulled up to a station that my mind had forgotten for over a year now. Yet the second we pulled into the parking lot it was illuminated by memories long forgotten. My eyes danced around the lot frantically searching for Jade.
At this point in my travel I’d been quite excited to be reunited with Jade after having been without her love for well over a month and a half now. But pulling into that parking lot I wasn’t sure how to actually cope with the reality I was about to be thrust into. My mind reeled and soul vibrated with the excitement and anticipation of the beauty that was about to take place. It’d prove to be a reality that was a vast improvement to any other I’d ever lived in. A time that would quickly become my most beloved ever had.
I retrieved my bag and scanned the parking lot for those blue eyes that no other worldly fix could replace. She was nowhere to be seen. Where could she be and how would she be arriving? Bus, metro, cab? I hadn’t the faintest clue, but put my money on the metro so I wondered off that way with my bag strapped to my back to a whole city that called, waiting to be rediscovered and explored.
The metro station proved to bear no fruits so with confusion in my heart I headed back to the bus station. Right before I arrived back into it’s holy gates that welcomed travelers from all corners of the world I heard her call my name. My heart stopped and reality suspended in an eternity that would kick off the next ten days, which flew by all to quickly. We walked toward each other with wonder in our eyes, not sure if we should betray our feelings in believing this moment was real. But it was, and we drank deeply from it as we embraced and kissed the kiss that would seal the saddness of our domed departure from one another days later.
These sorts of reunions simply don’t seem real for the first few long moments. You’ve forgotten so many small details that come rushing back in a flood of emotion and memories that overwhelm and numb all the senses, truly leaving you blinded by love. We couldn’t even remember how to properly hold each others hand in our excitement as we strolled back to her apartment a mere thirty-five minutes away.
It was mad how much I’d forgotten in a short time. Even after countless hours of skyping, but a lens always has a way of betraying the true picture of the world. I was lost in her beauty all over again, and all the things that made her my favorite. The way her bottom teeth didn’t line up in a neat row, giving her a splash of cuteness even in the depths of her mouth. How her laugh could rock my world to it’s core, banishing away any feelings of ill will at the drop of a joke. Or even how her soft curves felt under my palm as I held her close. I was already getting all tangled up again in her world and my soul felt to be in the same place as my head and heart for the first time in a long time.
It was unfortunate however the responsibilities that had to be maintained while I was in the city. Jade still had her job, and that cut into our time quite a bit. But it made us appreciate our time together that much more, and gave me opportunity to explore the city on my own as well, or prepare whatever surprises I might cook up over the next week and a half.
Her responsibility called upon her a few hours after my arrival and she was off to work for the afternoon, leaving me alone on that first day to catch up on my sleep and prepare myself for the days that were to follow. A welcome respite from the weariness from the road.
Time finally did roll around though and Jade was soon off work and we were on our way to our hotel room booked for our first night together. We deposited our bags in our magically themed hotel, complete with Houdini posters, magic top hats and even a pet rabbit that made its home at the front desk. We were off into the city after our quick pit stop. Jade had her city to show me and we were eager to get started. We strolled through a little runners park, complete with columns of old roman inspiration and many a little ponds that any romantic could lose their reflections in. We strolled, hand in hand, confessing how weird it was to be together in this city that neither of us could have envisioned ourselves in a year before with one another. It all seemed so unreal as we made our way to a little sushi joint that provided us with energy for the rest of the night.
We ate and made our way back to our room to rest our now tired feet and to relieve our hearts filled with tension. We drank Champagne and gazed upon the sky through our window that painted our room with a golden light as we melted into each other. Finally all time seemed right again with her back in my company. The stars fell back into their holy places and my heart-felt to be functioning at it’s normal romantic speed. All the world hummed and brimmed with new opportunity and light illuminated by our happiness. It was the beginning of a short time that was sweeter than any other period of my life, and anything was possible.

To be continued…

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