About Jeremy Parris

First off, thanks for stopping and I’m glad you’re here.

I use to run the predecessor blog to the one you’re currently on called ‘The Adventures of a 20 Something’. It was my outlet for a very long time. It came along when my travels began and was a way for me to find words for something that was hard for me to talk about to people. I mean how does one find words for travel when it’s so huge and expansive, it’s like trying to describe love.

Sense then I’ve been to Europe a couple times, found my love, and am entering into a new sort of journey. A travel that is different from my trips before. A bigger journey that won’t really be to exotic places, but is the beginning of my life.

I don’t believe you need to constantly be moving around the world to be a traveller. I think we all are on our journeys in some way or another. Which in my opinion puts us all into that nich of travellers. Something that we can all get behind and find a sort of identity in. No matter how big or small it is in your life.

But anyways welcome to the website and I hope you enjoy it here. Please, if you want to contribute to this site in anyway feel free to email me. I want to hear from you and not be on this blog alone. One day I’d love for it to be a community and mosaic of travellers for travellers, from all walks of life.

Jeremy Parris




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