Eclipse Adventures


13392851_989224707863218_509801188_n(1)Ireland. A place where people come to see the natural beauty of the world. Get in touch with old roots and origins, or simply to drink and enjoy a simpler way of life.

The Wild Atlantic Way and The Ring of Kerry are two claims to fame in Southern Ireland. Accommodating both the thrill seeker and the nature lover. Nestled in the heart of both circuits is Eclipse Adventure Centre. A place that has the best of both worlds and will leave you changed when you exit its sacred doors.

Eclipse breaks free from the constraints of simple activities and selling the same thing over and over again. Each day is custom fit to the wants and needs of the person coming through the doors. There’s never a dull moment with the experienced instructors that take you through your days adventures. Be it archery and the bog run or the assault course and orienteering. Anything goes.13774588_501481946709411_689099135_n

I’ve seen people come through these doors broken and unsure of themselves and leave built back up and ready to go back to their life.

People who come bored leaving filled with the energy and moral to take on the rest of their tour or work week, reinvigorated.

And people who are simply on holiday looking for a different take on Ireland. Leaving saying it was better than anywhere else they’d been.

13696745_844271139039789_1473441923_nIt’s the sort of place that doesn’t leave you quickly, even after you’ve left the beauty of the mountains. It challenges the expectations one would have for a country and vacation and then raises the bar. You leave having learnt something about yourself or a skill you’d always wanted to learn, like archery or horse riding. All while being in a place that puts you in awe of the sheer natural beauty that Ireland has to offer.

Paris is beautiful and posh. Berlin new and flashy. Milan on the edge of fashion. But Ireland is still wild, free, and full of adventure.




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