Italy Blues

The Italy trip is over and I’m grateful to have gotten the chance to finally visit this beautiful country that I’ve had on my bucket list for so long. Although it feels good to be back in Paris for the moment I can’t help but be a little saddened at the end of such a great trip. Call it a trip hangover or road blues or whatever you may but it’s a real thing.

Anyway’s here is a quick overview of what happened over the last three weeks and what you can expect to come over the following weeks now that I’m back and able to write again!

Jade, her mother and I started our trip at the beginning of July by car from here in France. From there we road tripped down to Milan and stayed three nights there. After seeing Milan and the nearby lake Como we headed on over to Venice and stopped at Verona for a few hours on the way.

Venice proved to be one of the most surprising and unique cities I’ve ever been to (more on that in a future post planned), and is among the finest cities we visited in Italy. I can’t wait to return one day. After Venice however we headed down to Bologna and stopped at Ferrara on the way. Bologna was a sharp come down after Venice though, as it was one of the saddest places we visited in Italy. No matter however, as we were there for only a night and on to Florence the next day.

Florence was one of the mightiest cities I’ve ever been to and perhaps one of the most steeped in history and importance as well. It proved to be another great surprise and we enjoyed a three night stay there as well. From Florence we headed down to the last great city on our tour, Rome.

A city I’ve been dreaming of visiting for some time now. A city that is responsible for such a great deal of history and has one of the most tragic tales woven into its stones as well. We stayed in the heart of this great giant for three days and exploring it was nothing but a pleasure.

After Rome Italy was just about finished up. A quick nights stay in Siena and then we were off to Corsica, the island where Jades mother grew up and where her family owns a little vacation home on the crown of a sleepy mountain just outside of Bastia. There we stayed for what I believe was 5 or so days. Meeting family, frequenting the beach and other such things one does when they are residing in paradise.

It’s funny to think that just yesterday we were there on the islands shores, boarding the boat and unsure when we might return. Travel is always sad in that way, like anything else the goodbyes always seem to be the hardest. And now here we are back in Paris, where it all began.

So what you have to look forward to over the coming weeks is a lot of Italy more a less with little opinions and stories tucked in here and there as well as a pretty big announcement I have coming up. Stay tuned as I’ll be pumping out quite a bit of writing here over the coming weeks before the big return back home to the USA at the end of August.

It’s good to be back and I hope you enjoy what is to come!

2 responses to “Italy Blues

  1. Thank you, Jeremy, I’m looking forward to your next posts…why did you feel that Bologna was sad? I’ve never been there, so I’m curious.

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