Interview with the The Napping Lion Editor

Jordan: You should ask me why I have an extra keyboard lying around. I’d say that’s a good question.

Change is a cool thing to watch. Back in November before I left for Paris again my best friend Jordan and I began playing with the idea of starting an online magazine together. At first it was to be called BroDudeMan and be a sort of mens lifestyle page. 

Then I came to Paris and it fell to the wayside for a while. But recently Jordan started pushing for it again. So the brainstorming started and the idea began to change and morph. That’s when Jordan really ran with it. He pulled together a talented group of people to really brought this thing to life. 

The name changed to The Napping Lion and the content became more based around gaming, movies, and TV. The staff created a website, some awesome art, and good content to fill it. So finally, earlier this week, the website came online. 

Anyways, I recently interviewed Jordan about his new baby and found some insight into the realization of a dream. So without further introduction, here is our talk about The Napping Lion.

Me: Why set up The Napping Lion?

Jordan: Because I love video games. I believe I had a unique outlook on them. I believe I had unique ideas, and I brought together a group of people had that as well. Whenever you have so many people passionate about one thing, and all have different quarks and different skills, you know, it’s a crime not to write.

Me: When we first thought of this idea, what has been the journey to get here? To get the site published. What’s been unexpected?

Jordan: Actually getting started was a really hard thing.

Me: What do you mean?

Jordan: Motivating yourself to do it. You always want to do it, and it’s always in the back of your mind, but to actually carve out time. Last month I was pushed by you and pushed by Tyler Jones to really start working on it. So I cleared out my schedule and really dug in.

Down the road, the future problems you don’t expect ot have. Well, technology is a bitch. It’s a lot harder than you think it is. Luckily we have Mike, he’s our website dude, and he helped make us a beautiful website. Even before him I was looking over it and thinking, ‘oh my gosh, I’m going to have to build a website. Not looking forward to that.’

Too, our artist has been working non stop. I think he’s put in, get this, 30 hours already.Videogame-Lit-Fixed-Ratio_000001-660x330

Me: Wow. So what influence and effect has creating this website already had on you?

Jordan: I definitely feel way more accomplished. Anytime you set out to do something that is great and you start putting down milestones you’re going to feel accomplished. Beyond that I think our staff feels that way.

Our artist hasn’t done many profiles of peoples faces, so that’s really been pushing him and he’s been enjoying that. And our copy editor, Kit Hall hasn’t done any writting like this sense high school. He’s written for school but nothing like this, so it’s good for him too.

Me: So how would you pitch The Napping Lion to someone?

Jordan: I’d say the about on our website does it the best. But beyond that I’d say we’re really passionate. But what makes us different is our opinions and our ideas. Also the dedication. You can clearly see that we’re passionate. I mean none of us are getting paid. So we’re doing this 100% our of passion.

Me: Where do you see The Napping Lion in the future?

Jordan: Next year I’d like to see us with a solid foundation. With the same staff, but if we could grow six more I think that’d be awesome. I think if our social media was firing on all cylinders that’d be great. But more with the site in general if you could see people talking about it without having to bring it up, I’d see that as a win.

Yeah that’s how I feel.

You can check out The Napping Lion at

About The Napping Lion:

Here at The Napping Lion we are in love with the Video games, Movies, TV shows, and ideas that are derived from the path less considered. Our staff is made up of kids with obtuse philosophies, and unique talents. We find it that it is our self-given duty/destiny to observe, question, and share aspects of these mediums that we hold so very dear.

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