Lonesome Traveler

There is a certain kind of peace and satisfaction in the great lonesomeness of the road. While I enjoy the company of others, I sometimes find a beauty in the silence. There is a great story to be told and wonder about it when you start a trip. You stare into the great mystery of it all and it stares back, daring you to jump in.

I’ve walked through the gardens at Versailles, and up the mountains in Wyoming. Down the cobbled streets of London, and alonog the old canals of Amesterdam. While in the past I wandered around the grounds at campus. Alone I find the subtleness in others, a smile of a proud father, or a couple bathing in the warmth of the sun and their love in some nameless park. I remember once I saw the saddest man in all the world on the Paris metro. With his tattered briefcase and dreams that were as empty as the stare he threw out the window.

People sometimes fear being alone, and I have at times as well. Be it for the reasons of safety, or that you don’t know how to face yourself in the quietness. But it shouldn’t be avoided. There are realizations and growth that can only be found in the silence. When your mind can wonder and there is no outside static. Things that would’ve otherwise been missed are appreciated. Little gifts for the lonesome traveler.

That is not to say that travel and life are not great with the company of others. 90% of my greatest trips and times have been had with friends and family. They seem to have a way of filling in the rest of the color to your great mosaic. And without them your memories would be nothing and lost to the winds of darkness and time.

Experiencing both sides of the spectrum however is invaluable. With others you get the universal excitement and rush of it all. Being somewhere new and foreign and gaining new perspectives to carry with you through life. But while also knowing what it is to be walking alone and have something completely catch you, a mountain, monument, or painting. And in that moment you have the chance to completely fall in love and become enraptured by something. It’s these little glimpses at light that really wrap up a journey. If for no one else but yourself. Little treasures you carry away that no one else could know, and your words could never do justice.




33 responses to “Lonesome Traveler

  1. Jeremy, this post is beautifully written, poetic. I agree about traveling–sometimes it is best alone. You can become inspired when all you have are your own thoughts while observing something marvelous, knowing that that moment in time will never be again, and that you, by yourself, had the privilege of witnessing it. It’s spiritual, lovely, calming.

    Beautiful post!

  2. I love this! I’m still yet to travel alone, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do… I guess as a female you always have that extra fear about travelling alone, with some of the horrible stories you hear.. but I guess if you don’t face your fears, what’s the point?! Thanks for giving me something to think about 🙂

    • You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by. And I’ve always been greatful to be a guy for that reason although there is always some horror story some friend seems to know haha

  3. I totally feel you! I have traveled with one, in groups and alone. There’s something about traveling alone that allows you to experience different spaces and cultures without any distractions. Dubrovnik and Norway were two of my most memorable “lone” travels!

    • Both those places seem like great spots to take in a lot of beauty. But I totally agree, I think two of my favorite lonesome travels have been London and Paris 🙂

  4. DUDE! This resonated with me. Gosh I hate to self-promote, so I’ll keep things directed more to you personally. If you get a chance check out the memoir on my website. Some of the same experiences of being the lonesome traveller, and also the benefits of being in the company of others. 2 sides of the same coin, both are necessary, support one another, etc… Wowsers. Great to see this in a kindred spirit! This was huge in my healing from a crazy hoarding past….

    • I just checked out your page a little and dug what I saw ,and will be doing some more, but I’m glad you can relate 🙂 I just think it’s important to appeciate both sides of the coin as you say. It’s a cliche but in this case is true that sometimes it’s really the little things in life that mean the most.

  5. I love this post! I have also travelled alone a lot, and can related very well to your experience. I think this is something everyone should try at least one time in their lives. However, now like you prefer travelling with other now, as I have experienced travel alone so much…

    • I totally agree that it should be tried alone at least once. It really is a totally different experience. But yeah I’m with you there I’ve travelled more alone.

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