Nomstock and Apologies

I feel like I’ve let myself down slightly since I’ve been over here. I’ve been writing a lot in my journal, I’ve been recording adventures. Yet for some reason I haven’t been sharing them on here. I’m not sure why either is the worst part. I could chalk it up to laziness, or ever being to tired at the end of a long day of work. Although at the end of the day there isn’t a great excuse.

That being said however I’m going to do my best to get an adventure on here a week, as I have a day off a week so it only makes sense. So without further adieu we shall begin.


We rolled over the hill with the sun of a long days work at out back. Now don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a hard days work. A long day and a hard day are two very different things. Anyways, a six pack of cold Guinness pressed gently to my back, stemming the heat off just enough to make the last rays of the sun bearable.

It was a six pack we’d won earlier, on the same quad we rolled in on. We’d raced around the knee high grassy field earlier that day like mad men in a desperate battle to win our now coveted prize that was cooling my sweat. Looking at us you wouldn’t have known we were working.

I didn’t realize that the time was already passed 8 and our guests, Laura and Maura, had arrived. The two girls were casually leaned against the porch as we pulled up to a stop. Before that point I was ready to arrive home and eat some dinner and drink one of our cold brews, fate however had a different idea in mind. Maura was introduced before Laura and before Sonny shooed us off to go get a shower and get ready for the nights proceeds.

I grabbed a shower beer to get me prepared for whatever was about to come. Twenty minutes later, after a more proper introduction and a bit more acquainting we left six strong for the festival. Ready to dig whatever was to come.

More clumsy awkward talk was had, as new friends do, on the way to the venue. Although we were all only in each others lives for going on 30 minutes at that point it was nice to have new faces around. Faces that were just as mad on life, and capable of making the most out of things as you were. Who were ready to live and love and be happy. The sort of people I always cherish to meet, as it always feels like an “at last reunion”, almost like meeting fellow kin.

While the sound of the band was being checked Juan and I wondered off to go see if we couldn’t track down some beer, or any sort of social lubricant. We found ourselves in a granola organic little cafe, with some sort of clever name. Only to find however that the festival was bring your own beer due to some ridiculous Irish law.  Which only made me feel all the more the fool, as I was the one who had forgotten to grab out brew bag.

The band finally got their tunes going and Laura and Maura showed back up to join the group after an unknown little venture. They suggested that we retire for a bit to a little park that was just over the hill, and we eagerly agreed. Adventure was on all our minds.

Swings added nostalgia for the moment in time while we began to reminisce. We explored past teenage feuds and lamented on how terrifying it was that all our teenage friends all seemed to be having kids or getting married. A strange phenomenon that we didn’t understand. All the while we realized that our teenage years seemed like an altogether different life then the one we now resided in. Strange how realizations are had.

The hungry midges finally decided to come out though, as the sun relinquished her fiery grip on their air. So we decided to move our little pow wow back to the lights and the music, an area those damn bugs still hadn’t discovered.

We were greeted by a groovy, more soul filled rendition of “That’s all right” by the king, and we swung into the dusk. Juan and I danced and when the song had finished Laura made the move to ask what I thought of it.

“Makes me want to move, and fills my soul with a groove.” Her warm smile cut through me. Some how, with music as our conduit, we arrived on her recent hobby of the ukulele. I revealed that I played as well and so our friendship grew. As all new friends do we agreed to meet again soon and jam.

Our time had grown to an end though as Meg and Sonny were ready to go. So a hug was given to the new friends, and a hope born to meet again as we departed from one another. On the way back home my head buzzed with regret and wonder. If only I’d stayed. Why the hell didn’t I stay? The answer was simple, a long day of work for both that day and the following day. Although I know in the future I’ll just remember the regret and not the four hours of extra sleep I got in exchange.

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