Verses from the Road

Mindset and inspiration are two of the most difficult things for me to acquire. I’ve spent my whole entire life in one of two places for the most part. Wyoming and Arkansas, and when one is in the same place for an extended period of time sometimes they have a way of falling into routine, which can be a killer of inspiration and mindset. These are a part of the reasons why I am always looking to break free of those things, for mindset and inspiration are beautiful things capable of re-imbuing one with new strength, energy, and outlook.Ā 


During this European trip, starting in Amsterdam and ending up here in Ireland I’ve gotten my fair share of new inspiration. But the things about inspiration is one never knows when it’ll strike. It’s almost like love, it seems to be waiting around every corner, eager to spring out and knock you off your feet. Which fair to say I’ve been knocked silly a few times this trip. But you must be as prepared for this sort of thing as possible. For if growth and knowledge aren’t reaped from inspiration then it’s inspiration wasted and tasted in vein.

It’s for this reason I always have my journal or a notepad on my phone ready to go. To capture the beauty and highlights of travel and life. Because time has a way of washing those things away if effort isn’t made to preserve them.

That being said here are a few verses from the road that have been derived from inspiration here and there that I’ve managed to capture. They are in no particular order, and some thoughts may turn into more expanded posts in the future, but enjoy…


“I hate looking through trip photos while on that same trip. It’s a sad reminder of what is to come. That in whatever amount of time that photo album will come to a close and be finished. The entire trip becoming a phantom of the past.”

“To dream without direction is a dangerous thing. No mater how contradictory that seems. For to dream in to chase an unknown. A pursuit of a rare and elusive thing. A hunt that’ll take many unknown turns, and that may seem altogether lost at times. But to do this without direction, without an end goal is killing the beauty of your dream before it’s captured. Don’t chase something down for the greedy thrill of it. For if you do capture it, and don’t know what the hell you are to do with it, in your unfamiliar and trembling hands, then you failed your dream. But to pursue with purpose and an end goal ensures the cultivation of your dream once it is caught. To be able to incorporate it into your life and live with it, rather then against it or with it haunting your foolishness.

“Living in the shadow of passion is almost to much weight for a soul to bear. It starts cracking at the foundations and structural flaws begin to show true. Everything becomes less sweet, and you seem to be a lesser version of your then complete self. Trying to find a fix becomes a daily occurrence. Always nagging at the back of your mind and is the driving force behind the tips of your fingers. Your body becomes a slave to your hearts whims, and failure becomes a word that must be disguised to avoid madness. So such veils as “learning” and “progress” soon begin to stem failures all to familiar sting.”

“I lived in the land where the drunken man sang and the sad man intoxicated his soul. Where the land never ceased to roll out before you, just like the time that were had and gone. I met friends and allies and killed nights with talks of war and tragedy and plagued our minds with visions asunder. Old castles served as abodes to ghosts to conjure up to scare out children our of wrong doings again and again and again, while we were afraid of doing wrong ourselves again and again and again. It was in the land of the emerald, the black Guinness and the blood that stains the gypsies fists that I was born again and again and again. Baptized by the love from a foreign tongue, transformed by the beauty that spills from the mountain tops where the sheep bleat their lives away.”

“The present is a funny thing. Always full of surprises that the future never seemed to have on offer. Events intertwine and give birth to new possibilities, while in a months time the whole course of your life can change from where it was three months before. Where you were three professions different then what the present seems to hold.”

“I long for the moments when my thoughts are more beautiful then any music that could fill the air. When the company of a warm conversation is more real and true then any fix could satisfy. When my love rests at peace in my arms and the rest of the world fades away.”


I’ll leave you with this. A little album of photos from adventures had so far on this trip across the pond, I just hope this album doesn’t close anytime soon…


DSC_7109 DSC_7061 DSC_6564 DSC_7162 DSC_6552 DSC_6564 IMG_2769 IMG_2756 DSC_6544 DSC_6543



11 responses to “Verses from the Road

  1. I really liked the one that started “living in the shadow of passion”… It is so true. I recently went to Turkey and came home enamoured with the history and culture, passions were awoken in me… and then I came home to Canada, less than 200 years old and it is so blah. It’s all so blah. To get back to enjoying the familiar.. hard for the heart.

    • I’m glad you can relate, it’s a tough thing to have to cope with and I haven’t even had to leave Ireland and go home yet so I’m not looking forward to the settling in blues at all. But keep your head up, adventure is always just around the corner and you never know when traveling will strike šŸ™‚

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