The Paranormal of Travel

I’ve come to miss London again already, quite terribly actually. It’s was nice to go back to a fondly thought of city,except this time more familiar and inept in my travel. Perhaps one of the smaller, more easily missed things in London that I grew fond of was the sights and sounds of the tube. Couples that were able to turn off the hundreds of eyes around them, and live in each others arms, a thing of beauty. I long to be consumed by a love like that again.

Then there was the business class, flipping their leather phone faces to get at their digital world, obtaining their social fix through the heads of their thumbs, while neglecting all the possible conversations around them. But is there a difference between a man who carries a phone, and a man who carries a paper? Do they not both serve as social blocks and barriers? A sign, regardless of the medium, that screams to its viewer, “Don’t bother me, I’m busy here!”. Either way I suppose conversation is killed and possible friendships aborted.

Yet one of the most dangerous creatures of the underground are the phantoms. The lovely ladies that catch the eye in a passing window, or in a seat down the carriage. Those phantoms who leave their mark on the rest of your day, plaguing your thoughts and mind with images of grandeur and love. A taste of what it might be to have her in your arms in some nameless park, where your blanket is the only patch of land that matters to you in that sea of acreage. To chase the feeling of the phantom, of what it might be like to run your hand down her smooth curved side, while you both feast off the sun and one an others love. But then the stop has come, or the window has passed. The phantom leaving you with nothing but a lesser version of yourself. Slightly sapped and dazed by your beautiful stranger.

Besides phantoms there is one other entity that haunts me when it comes to travel. Those are the ghosts. Remnants of memories long gone that are awakened when you reencounter the feelings which created them. You see, travel is one of the most haunting experiences I’ve ever had to deal with. Haunting in so many aspects. It’ll leave you breathless, not believing the things you saw, and leave you wanting more. But then it’ll also weigh heavy on your mind, body, and soul. A deadly combo. Always at the fringes of your thoughts, and eating at your romanticism. Your trip becomes full of last sights and lost loves.

The thing about ghosts is you never know when they’ll creep up. As you’re still largely unfamiliar with the cities and places you’ll be traveling to. But the good news is if it’s your first time being somewhere you have no dead and gone experiences to haunt you. You need not to worry about the unpredictable market corners that will spring out at you, knocking you silly. The spectres of memory that infuse you with longing and nostalgia. A whirlwind of past dampened and distant feelings and senses rush upon you. Glimpses at now long gone street performers give you one last encore in the minds eye, while the silent countless faceless of other ghosts clap around you. Sometimes the ghost is that of a taste that once enriched your then ignorant taste buds. Your eyes may move on, but your mouth remembers and waters in protest, as a piece of you is lost at that crossroad of unexpected paranormal.

Yet these ghosts and phantoms should not be feared or dreaded. as they gain no pleasure in your suffering. They serve as reminders of the beautiful, and are the bastions of the good. Welcome them, and in the process open up you and your heart. It’ll allow you to feel all the more. Make ghosts wherever you go. Little reminders of your former self in time, because who you were at that moment in time will always be somewhere in you, even if it did burrow itself in you deeper then you’d have liked.

To experience these phenomenons is to know your living to the fullest. As you’d miss them any other way. It becomes a nice sort of circle of the cerebrum. Memories and experience bring out the ghosts of old, and open your heart to be hit harder by the phantoms of love. Which in turn adds to your complexity and experience. Allowing you to create more vivid ghosts for tomorrow.

10 responses to “The Paranormal of Travel

  1. Reblogged this on Sarah G. Marie and commented:
    If you want to be inspired to write and/or travel, follow this man. His style is incredibly intriguing and he spins words like cotton candy. Plus his adventures are super cool and his vocabulary beats mine any day.

  2. I like how well you caught the mood of those feelings – memories, especially of travel, can be haunting indeed. I always have the strangest sense of nostalgia when I go back to a place I loved, and for just the briefest moments it’s hard to get a handle on which emotions I feel – past or present. It’s like being in two people in one place. But I wouldn’t trade those experiences or the feelings connected to those memories for anything 🙂

    • Ah thank you, the way to describe it came upon me when I was on my last tube ride toward Victoria station. But yeah it’s such a funny feeling, but well worth it. 🙂

      • London, of course, I want to see the big sites, like Stonehenge, the white cliffs, but my friend lives near Oxford, and I’m letting him give me a tour.

        I’ve been looking forward to seeing posts from you, travel has intrigued and fascinated me. And I’ve overcome my fear of being out of my element, because I know travel is such an enriching experience. 🙂

      • Ah good stuff, London is definitely one of my favorite cities. Probably my favorite actually. Such a proud old place, full of lovely people. I do hope it’s a great trip for you. And not to mention it’s a great place to get your first travel jitters out. Just don’t be afraid to ask random people for help while your there if you need it. Everyone always seems happy to help.
        But more to come from this trip soon. It’s just finding the time to write while on the move so much, but I’ll try to be better and more consistent and thanks again!

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