Life Update!

First off, two apologies.

1. For not posting as often since summer has begun.

2. That I will probably continue not to post as regularly as summer continues, or at least until late July.

Why? Because I’m heading to Europe in two days on the 28th. It’s official, ticket is bought and hostels are booked. And I’ll be there until late July, early August. I’ll be traveling with my friend Ian Shrum from the 28th until the 10th of June. We’ll be starting our journey in Amsterdam, where we’ll spend a spell. After which we’ll head to London for a briefer time, and kill a few days there. And we’ll end our trip in Dublin, where he’ll fly out the 10th, and I’ll head down to southern Ireland to Kenmare where I’ll be spending most of the rest of the summer at the Eclipse Center again. The same location that I spent a majority of last summer at. And great news about that is most of the main gang from last year will be there again this year, so it’ll be a lovely summer reunited with old and dear friends. Something that I simply cannot wait for. Especially after have getting to travel with one of my best mates for almost two weeks. It’s going to be a wild ride of a summer.

That being said however, my internet capabilities will be spotty at best while over there, so blog posts will not be as frequent. Although I’ll try to post as often as I can. But good news is upon my return at the end of it all I’ll have a load of fresh stories to tell, as well as several other exciting new developments that are in the works as we speak now. Once I get back I’ll be beefing up the blog with loads of new content and features that will make this more than just a travel blog. But these developments are still in their infancy so I will not say much more than that. But be on the lookout for them come the end of summer.

Anyways, got to go pack and make final arrangements before departure, just wanted to give everyone a quick life update! I’ll see everyone on the other side, and my next post will be from across the big blue! Until then!

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