What is “Good Enough?”

“Living in perfection doesn’t give variation necessary to live a vibrant life. Perfection doesn’t let you feel the lows required to let you feel the highs. Good enough here means that I know my flaws and my mistakes are as much a part of me as my mannerisms and characteristics. Don’t try to live a flawless life.”
From my friend Chris’ first blog post, kid can write, the rest of it is equally as inspiring.
Ridiculously excited that he decided to start up a blog, and can’t wait to work with him and see where he goes and takes all of this. Give him a look and a little love, I promise you won’t be sorry!


My whole life I’ve always wondered where I was going, what I wanted to be, and who I wanted to be. All of these questions are regular questions you ask yourself growing up, or after you’ve grown up and you still don’t know. I think my answer to those questions ends with a big, “Good enough.”

What do I mean, “Good enough?” “Good enough isn’t even a valid answer to some of those statements!” you may say. And you’d be right. But hey, I’m doing my best.

Where am I going? When I say good enough to that, I mean that I don’t want to end up in a big city, sprawling with the everyday turnings vital to a global economy. I just want to be somewhere I can meet nice people, do fun things, and live comfortably. That’s all that really matters in life to me. That may be…

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