The Game Changer. Bellroy’s Traveler Walet

I remember getting my first wallet when I was a young child, it became one of the strangest, yet most admired of my possessions. I was beyond excited to receive that first wallet. For in my childlike eyes it became more then just a material object, it became a symbol of my growing up. Sure I didn’t have any money, or credit cards, or IDs to put in there yet, because my age was still before those sorts of worries. But still I had a wallet. Something that my father proudly carried and made things happen with. It was with his wallet that he saw to us being fed every week. It was by that wallet that he kept the lights on. It was by that wallet that he held some of the power of being a man. At least that was how my eyes saw it.  And now in my possession I had that tool of power, and that symbol of manhood. It was almost too much for my young mind to deal with. Yet now here I am, more then a decade later with a new wallet, and with just as much excitement. Thanks to the good folks over at Bellroy I have a new symbol to represent me and my travels with my new Traveler Wallet.


Stumbling upon this wallet online was a game changer for my traveling career, plain and simple. It offered new comforts and acted as a sort of de-stressor when it came to my traveling plans. My only regret is I wish I could’ve had this wallet a year ago for my first trip to Europe. What do I mean? Well this wallet is a travelers best friend, for it’s capable of holding all your important documents in one place. So forget about that fanny pack or awkward money belt that look ridiculous, and go check out this bad boy. It contains a pocket to hold your passport, an extra slot reserved just for those awkwardly huge boarding pass, and to act as a sort of cherry on top it even comes with a little micro pen for those pesky customs cards. Oh yeah, and don’t forget about the little special nook for your SIM card. Yeah I didn’t know a wallet was capable of all those things either, that is until I got this guy.


For me what all these little pockets hold is not your  important documents, but rather your peace of mind. As now I only have to worry about one thing when I travel. Not to mention this travelers wallet frees up a lot more room in my pockets. No longer do I need a pocket exclusively for my passport and boarding pass, nor do I have the added worry of crinkling up said boarding pass, it’s all in one safe location. Phew.


But wait there’s more, guaranteed this wallet will slim your pocket even more than your previous wallet. On top of your documents, it is large enough to hold whatever sort of currency you may have, and is capable of holding up to 8 cards, all while remaining thinner then my 3Gs iphone.


The only other thing you must know about this wallet is that it’s a tad bigger then your normal wallet, as it holds your passport. So it’s roughly the size of that, length and width wise when it’s closed, and obviously double that when it’s opened up. Which I personal like, that’s just more real estate for me to place my money, cards, tickets, or whatever while on the road.


So if you’re a traveler, a banker, bus driver, or whatever your profession, Bellroy will hook you up and slim your wallet. Go check out the travelers wallet over at and the rest of their line at, which offers a wallet for whatever you do in life. Oh, and did I mention that the leather this wallet is made of looks absolutely incredible and automatically will turn heads and make you look all the more professional? Yeah that’s right. So what are you waiting for? Go check out

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