My Daily Resolution

I want to create something beautiful, everyday in my life. I hate when a day goes by and I’m left feeling less than full because something wasn’t accomplished. Because I didn’t talk to a beautiful stranger that I’d thought up the perfect line for, but was to afraid to use. Because I was in to much of a rush to venture down an unfamiliar road, or to truly appreciate the awe in a sunset. Rather, after a day has been had, I want to be left spent, not able to be filled up with one more ounce of love or beauty, because if I am I’ll burst at the seems. When I close my eyes at night I want to be able to replay scenes of wonder, and hear laughter ringing in my ears. To know my friends and I lived large, and didn’t care about consequences or judgments being hurled our way.

Adventure is so much more then just throwing some items into a backpack, and then throwing those straps onto your shoulders to run off somewhere, all wide eyed and full of wonder.  It’s more then foreign lands and grandeur, reserved only for those with a thick pocket book and more time then we. To me adventure is just another word for breaking away from the monotonous living of everyday life.

I find this beautiful phenomenon in all facets of life, and try to do so in every day living. Every time I feel a lovers fingers locked with mine, or get to gaze into eyes that drown me with their depth I count myself lucky, and adventure achieved. Every time I’m walking down a sidewalk, taking in the sights and sounds the world has to offer and am stricken with a new idea for some aspect of my life, or am caught off guard by nature, I thank god that adventure was achieved. When I’m sitting in my dorm late at night, working on a new project, or blaring my tunes to envelope my soul  in waves of awesome, boom, adventure achieved.

People ask to go on adventures with me because they themselves are not fortunate enough to find or have their own. What they seem to not realize though is, adventure is all around us. It’s just about setting our expectations and perceptions in order to find this most beautiful of allies. Don’t fall under the umbrella of believing that you have to travel to adventure, because you don’t. All you have to do is find it in wherever you are, at whatever moment you’re at in your life is open your eyes and she will appear, waiting.

19 responses to “My Daily Resolution

  1. “To know my friends and I lived large, and didn’t care about consequences or judgments being hurled our way.” and “to envelope my soul in waves of awesome”. Absolutely gorgeous. Really enjoy your style.

    • Wow thank you for the kind words man, I really try to put as much emotion and thought into the writing as I can and am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again! 🙂

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