Lessons from College and Adventures

Sometimes in life a personal hangout sesh is due. A time where you can shut out the rest of the world and get comfortable in your own skin and just do you. Anything you want. Dance like a complete maniac in your room, music blaring. Or cruise down the highway, with only your favorite tunes and thoughts to carry you through the ride. Light your room with just candles and paint like the romantics of yesteryear. Or write in your journal, figure out why you had such a bum day. Don’t care what society says, throw that out the window! Transcend worry, weirdness, and simply be you. Well, at least every now and then.

See, this year has been a rough one for me, probably the hardest I’ve had thus far in my short time here. I lost love, and my identity along with it for a good long while. I had to re-figure out who I was as a person and what defined me, and me alone. Which was pretty difficult for a long time. Having to separating myself from my better half, figuring out which was who. All while trying to figure out my future, one which I was now alone in. I wasn’t mad or messed up about the situation though. I mean this girl helped make me who I am, and we grew together. Experienced many things by each others side; triumph and failures, ecstasy and morbidity, and most importantly grew comfortable in love, our bodies, and ourselves. We were each others greatest influences, and for that I’ll always love her and hold a piece of that time within me. But, people change, and that’s life. The beautiful always hurts you more than the ugly. But luckily time is an ally of healing.

But now being on the other side of it I see though that fear, heartache, and pain. And I learned more from those than I have in a good long while from anything. Sure I’m still freaked out about the future, who isn’t. And yeah, I still worry that I may never taste such a powerful love again, that all others that follow will be gross imitations of it. But at least I know my life is going in a good direction and I’ve found purpose, which I find strength in. But this is all due to some lessons learned and picked up along the way this last year of college. Lessons that have helped lay the foundation for a better more confident me, tomorrow, and today. A me who has his shit figured out, well at least more then he did before.

This blog post is actually the product of one of those lessons, that came from me hangin out with myself… Weird, maybe. Productive, yes. But, I was working on a new project and watching a movie I’d wanted to see for ages. And, well, I guess sometimes inspiration comes from odd places. Anyways here are a few lessons I’ve learned from there to here.

  • Comfortableness and Confidence in oneself are key: Now by this I don’t mean be some cocky cock, rather just believe in yourself, and know what you’re capable of. Know your strengths and weaknesses and make them work for you. Be your best supporter and ally.
  • Don’t “hope” for things to happen. “Make” them happen: Hope is a good thing to have in certain situations, but not something to rely on exclusively. Don’t hope that you’ll pass you final, or get the job. Make things happen to get them, because hope won’t hand them to you on a silver platter.
  • Make goals and write down ideas: This is one of the habits I’m most grateful to have picked up this year. All of my good ideas have stemmed from my daily writings  and working on goals, and figuring out how to achieve them. It’s funny how your future constantly changes and morphs as you put time and work into it. For the most part it’s for the better as well, but even if setbacks do happen just remember your abc’s baby, always be cool, as often there is a silver lining to be found. You just have to search for it sometimes. But also, make time for other important people and things in your life, don’t get to lost in your own world.
  • Have fun and adventure whenever you can: Man it’s just good for the soul. Trust me on this one. It can be going to a foreign far away place, or going on a Sunday adventure to your favorite local outdoor spot to just soak in some sights and sounds.
  • Start doing today, as tomorrow is too late: Any ideas, aspirations and goals you have, simply start on them today. Because every day waited is a day lost building something beautiful. And before you know it those ideas have slipped through your fingers and been forgotten, and what could have been will never be.
  • Knowledge is power: The more you know the more things make sense in your life. The more all the dots are connect and the mosaic of the world comes together. You’re able to ingest more and spit out intelligent constructed pieces of whatever. And the more knowledge you have just makes everything else on this list more clear and better.
  • Cultivate an open mind and think dangerously: Don’t be a slave to some age old trade. Resist being a cog and drone in society. Rather question everything, even the things taken for granted, and always be making forward progress. Don’t get hunkered down in some mindless nitch or corner in the world that’ll constrict your brilliance, let that shit loose man.
  • Challenge yourself: Like I said always be making forward progress and never settle for half best. Be challenging yourself and striving to do better at all times, for few other people in this world can do these things for you.
  • Don’t depend on, or, let others and conditions rule your happiness: This is one of the most important to me on this list. To not lose your mind and identity trying to please the masses. Especially when most won’t care about you at the end of the day anyways. And trust, people admire individualism and one who is doing things for themselves in a proactive way. It makes you a productive member of society, not some selfish person like you may worry.
  • Pursue the things in life that you want to and that make you happiest: Simply put it’s your life, not theirs. Make yourself happy and don’t rely on others for it. If painting landscapes make you happy then set goals to turn that into something bigger and get happy!


More and more as I begin to look at who I am now, as compare who I was at a the beginning of college, or hell who I was at the beginning of this semester, I’m seeing that time, growth, and the past are a sort of funny thing. We put a lot of stock into those things, and sometimes they detract from the future. Letting the actions of the past define who we are today, and shape our future. Which kind of seems unfair, when who you were yesterday often looks more like a stranger to the you of today. So to that I say take some time every now and then to get to know you, and make sure everything in your life is straightened out and moving forward. Keep yourself on track and happy, because at the end of the day that’s all that really matter.


I’ll leave you with this, the project/product I was working on/ have now completed, when I came up with this blog post.

That’s right, freaking awesome sunglasses!

IMG_2430           IMG_2431         IMG_2433

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