Start Dreaming Today, as Tomorrow is to Late

What do you want to do with your life? No seriously, what are your dreams and aspirations? I want you to stop reading right now, and figure it out. Grab a  pen and some paper, if there are some near by, and write it down.

Have it figured out and written down? Sweet action.

Let’s begin. 


It’s dangerous to dream in today’s society.

We live in a world where the language is deficit. We’re taught from an early age that we’re never good enough; never skinny enough, not the best we could look, or the smartest we could be.

We get these things blasted at us, day in and day out. Maybe not in those words exactly, but how many times have you looked at an add, or seen someone else and wished you were them? Or even just better than yourself? We’ve all had times where we’ve looked in the mirror and just thought, “Shit”.  Or times where we’ve doubted our abilities and not attempted something, because we were afraid of failure.

These kind of things simply suck.

Stop engaging in this language of deficit. Start learning the language of improvement.

Firstly, maybe dreaming isn’t the right word for you. I simply use “dream” as another word for “goal”. But let’s not get held up on semantics here. No matter your dream there is a way to achieve it. Just figuring out how to get there is the hardest part. There are ways to help figure that out though. Also, don’t feel as if you have to have it all figured out from the very beginning. There is no way you can foresee the twists and turns that your journey will take. Things will quickly and suddenly change as your dream morphs and evolves.

Where to begin?

With an`idea. Don’t get this confused with your dream though. Your dream is just a goal. An idea is something completely different. It’s the avenue your dream will take to achieve the goal behind it.

For example. My dream is to one day be an author. Simple, yes. But getting there, not so simple. So flesh out the idea behind it. The ground work and foundation if you will. Examine your dream and figure out how to make that happen.

For me it was to create a blog and travel. The blog bit being my foundation. Where I could hone my writing skills and get more comfortable in that skin. While the travel part was my niche, the form the blog took, and the thing I love to do. Also, it’s easy for me to write about.

So figure out the thing(s) you love. Figure out a way to lay down a foundation for them. Then begin building it. Then start getting experience and work under your belt so you have a little credibility, and aren’t just a nobody.

This foundation and body of work will be your jumping off point for later. It’ll be what you bring to people and say, “Look, I’ve done X Y and Z, I know what I’m doing, and I’ve become a master of my field.”. Like I said it’ll give you credentials to obtain the means for your dream.

These things will take time.

Don’t try to rush progress. If dreams were quick and easy to obtain then everyone would have accomplished theirs by now. The reality is, process is slow going. Requires time, love, and care to see things through to the end.

But hey, good news is, the work put into your dream is the most gratifying kind of work there is. Every inch of progress made, whether it was easy going, or you had to rip off three fingernails to get it, is the sweetest sort of drug there is. As you’re working for you. Not for some man up on his gilded throne. Not for a group of people who don’t even know your name. Not for Wall street. Not for money or fame. But for you.

So well freaking done. The first steps in becoming awesome have been taken. *Fist Bump*

Don’t EVER doubt yourself.

This will be your biggest enemy. When you’re in the trenches, fighting for your dream, and things start looking grim, and you begin to wonder if this dream is even worth it. Or perhaps this is all just a big dumb idea, and you’re really just wasting your time. Breath deep, clear your vision, slow the spinning in your head. Stop.

Don’t be your own worst enemy. Be your biggest supporter. Who cares what the masses say. They don’t know this passion like you do. They can’t see all the ins, out, and bigger picture like you can. So stop caring what others think, and do you AND your dream good.

Why not?

Why not take the leap? After all these things require work and risk, make no mistake it’s going to be a leap of faith. Times will get tough, you will want to throw in the towel. But these things aren’t suppose to be easy.

What do you have to lose? I will admit this is easier for me to answer, as I’m 20 years old, and I really have nothing at all to lose. Which doesn’t mean I’m not scared as hell every day, and questioning my every move. Because I am. But I’m also ridiculously excited and happy. What about you though? I mean really examine your life, and what you have to lose following a dream in pursuit of your future. I have a feeling it wouldn’t be a lot other than replacing those hours spent on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with something a little bit more meaningful.

Don’t you owe this to yourself? There are few things in life that have true meaning that you get to do for yourself. And I don’t mean buying a car, or redoing your wardrobe, or things of that nature. I’m talking about things that hold real weight, and actually effect your life. That are investments that will keep giving back. This happens to be one of them. Make the investment.


There is no better day to start pursuing your dreams than today. As tomorrow is to late, and yesterday was when you should have started. Everyday presents a new opportunity to make new headway toward the thing you love. Trust me! Those days add up, and build quickly. Remember…

YOU are capable.


YOU are awesome.

So get out there and change YOUR world. I believe in ya.

 Now go get started!

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