Capturing the Beautiful – Guest Blog

Jeremy has kindly asked me to do a guest blog on why I take photographs and what inspires me. So here I am trying to put pen to paper rather than hiding behind the lens. For me I can identify two key factors in my photography:

  • The introduction of digital
  • Taking a career break

Both were needed in order to develop as a photographer.   Going Digital For many, digital might mean manipulating photographs until you get a half decent shot from a pretty ragged initial image. For me, however, the introduction of digital opened up creativity. No longer did one have to worry about developing costs or the costs of a film when taking images that might or might not work. All of a sudden a licence was given to be creative, try different angles, shoot into the sun and break all the other rules you’re meant to keep. This was, and still is, refreshing and I simply encourage anyone to just give it a go. Out in the field is where photographers learn the most and this new technology has allowed us to play and learn a whole lot more without summoning up a meeting with the bank manager. However, even with the onset of digital, most of my camera use was while on holiday in an exotic (to me) location. desert (1 of 1)   sunset (1 of 1)   bottom (1 of 1) Each time I returned to the office from one of my trips, people would actually ask me to bring in my photos so they could see what I got up to.   The Career Break The trouble is, so much time was being taken up through work that by the time you throw in a couple of sports activities and a bit of socialising there was no time for anything else. Photography took a back seat until I undertook a photography evening course in 2012, gaining a special Being made redundant in 2013 allowed me to take time out and also reconsider my next career move. This has given me time, breathing space. I have used some of this time to capture images of everyday beauty that I see and to develop my photography skills. Initiating my blog has encouraged this. Not only has the career break given me time to develop photographic skills, it has helped in a decision to make a complete career change. While it would be great to have a career in photography, I recognise that making money from this source can be difficult, so am also undertaking courses in web design and digital marketing. Hopefully I may be able to sneak in a bit of photography into whatever I do. Inspiration and why I take photographs The inspiration for me is pretty much everything around us with nature playing a significant role in this. In this modern world we spend too much time rushing from one point to another with no time to take in our surroundings and the everyday beauty that exists. A lot of my images are therefore of very ordinary beauty, I am simply drawing attention to it. swan (1 of 1) drop (1 of 1)   yellow (1 of 1)

I am not drawn to any particular photographer for my own inspiration, though I do like the work of Sebastian Salgado. At this stage I am not aware of having a style, but simply like to photographs of what ‘jumps out at me’. Quite often I may see something while out on a walk and go back later with the camera to capture it. To test myself further, at the start of the year I committed to undertaking the weekly photo challenge for 2014 and am really enjoying the challenge. It’s now down to me to see just how far I can go, but right now I am loving life and isn’t that what it is all about?

Check out more of John’s photos on his blog over at –>

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  1. Reblogged this on Personal Artist, Laurie Bostian and commented:
    I enjoyed this article. As an artist, I understand the challenges in making a career in art. It often requires sacrifices… I have certainly made a few. John makes a good point when he says “I am loving life and isn’t that what it is all about?” My dear friend and gallery owner, Stacey Smith, asked the question on Facebook last week: What inspires you? Well, inspiration comes in many forms, doesn’t it? I’m inspired by images captured by photographers who saw something beautiful in what others might have completely missed. I’m inspired by children playing and the carefree expressions on their faces. And when I’m inspired, I want to paint! I feel it deep in my bones. My heart fills up with the desire to capture that inspiration in a way that can be preserved and enjoyed. So, what inspires you? And when you’re inspired, what do you do about it?

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