The Broke Travel Bible

I’m very pleased to announce that today is the day I begin chasing a bigger dream. It comes in the form of “The Broke Travel Bible”, a book that’ll outline how to travel for dirt cheap, getting everything from airfare to most of your accommodation and food for absolutely free! A book that’ll make the illusive dream of travel to many a reality. 

To achieve this dream I’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to help get this book get funded. The goal being 6,500 to raise over the next 45 days. So if you could possible spare but a moment of your time I’m calling for your support.

Take a look at the campaign and if it’s something that you can get behind then I humbly ask you to share it on your wordpress, facebook, twitter, or whatever social media you have. As this campaign is a numbers game, the more people who see it the more likely it is to get funded. So please shout and yell the word as long, loud, and far as you can. I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me.

You see you’re not funding a project, a shot at being an author, or even a trip. Rather you’re funding a dream, and the future dreams of others.

Thank you, and let’s begin this journey and dream together.

Jeremy Parris.

BTB cover lettering


6 responses to “The Broke Travel Bible

  1. Great idea for a book. Love the title! And your video is great! I am looking forward to see the done product.
    I have been working on a book for around 6 months now as well. I hope to be done in a few months as well. 🙂

  2. your flow of words is amazing… seems it comes naturally to you… great blog.
    I am a blogger from India, Delhi… visit my page and pls share your comments

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