Burning Desire (Guest Blog)

Author – Wisdom Miners

Recently, I reflected on my life and all the things I have achieved throughout the years. The topic has been on my mind ever since. I recalled “dark” period during my journey that just stood out among the rest of my experiences. There was a gap in time (a couple years) where I was running into dead-ends on every aspect of life. I wasn’t understanding why. Now, on the outside everything appeared to be going just fine, but on the inside there was turmoil. I was frustrated! Nothing was working out. I was mad at the world and blaming everyone/everything.

Fast-forward to now and my life is completely different. My results came pouring in! What was the difference? A burning desire to really attain my dreams! I was setting goals and dreaming some pretty lofty things back then, but my desire to reach them wasn’t up to par. I was fairly disciplined and committed to my dreams, but it wasn’t enough for me to materialize them.

I noticed when I created a “real” purpose for attaining my dreams, the pressure was on and my ACTIONS jolted to another level. It was like a SUPERNATURAL leap into the world of results! I’m telling you, my desires started to manifest so fast, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Once I had my “burning desire”, the entire game changed.

I still had all the same dreams, but the route I took with my burning desire as my gas, is completely unexplainable. Once I really focused in on what it was I REALLY wanted, it almost became a necessity in my mind. I just had to have it. Whatever it took, I did it! The funny thing is, opportunities started to come from what appeared to be thin air. I jumped on virtuallyeverything that came my way.

ZERO sleep, and yet I had a TON of energy. How? Because my burning desire was so STRONG, it fueled ALL my actions! I wasn’t concerned about anything else but attaining that goal! My days were a mush and I couldn’t even tell you when I ate. My inner circle became smaller because I couldn’t afford any distractions during this period. i only kept those who understood what I was doing around me. Is this all a bit EXTREME??? Maybe, but this is how BAD I wanted to attain my goals!

End Result? I literally overachieved and surpassed everything I set out to do…In half the TIME! Once I became crystal clear about my goals and my desire to achieve them was at its pinnacle, the rest took care of itself! Everything “magically” worked out! It was Amazing!

Call To Action:

  • Become absolutely CLEAR of what your goal is
  • Generate a burning desire to achieve that goal
  • Tighten up your inner circle
  • Stay focused and Take Action!

-Wisdom Miners

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