Dear Future Me,

Dear Future J.P.

Hey man hope things have been working out for us thus far. If everything goes according to plan than I’d imagine it has, so WOO! go us. But things hardly ever seem to go according to plan, but usually for the best. It’s all about the journey anyways, for the final destination is really the grave… to morbid? maybe, all I’m saying is enjoy the ride bro bro.

I hope the Round Ireland swim went well, weren’t throwing up over the side of the boat too much I hope? Please tell me we weren’t, if so then I guess the view was probably worth it huh? Miles of Irish shore stretching for as far as the eye can see. The perfect night sky, devoid of all light pollution, the Milky Way streaking across the night sky with a billion billion starts floating around. Whatever weird wildlife we see, plus the random encounters with adventure we’ll have. I can only imagine what it will be like.

I guess I’m really writing this to say do us proud good sir. So one day when I, or we, or whatever are looking back we can be happy with the decisions we made. Stick with your heart and gut feelings, they usually seem to be right. Freaking stick with ’em no matter what other people say. You’re a smart kid and got a good head on your shoulders, you’ll know what to do, so just do it. Like Nike! Zing!ย That’s right we’re funny in our youth with our cheese ya goon.

Don’t doubt yourself so much either. I mean granted we’re getting better with it now, but believe in your self a bit more man. Look where it’s gotten us even now. Way further than a high school us would have imagine. I mean can you imagine going back to high school and telling that Jeremy who we are now? I don’t think I’d have believed us, we turned out pretty cool, I mean c’mon. So hold your head high and keep up with the forward progress.

Found love again? Probably not, but that’s cool, working on it I’m sure. Hope that pain has gotten better with time. Just keep chasing your love of travel and see what happens with that. The rest will come later… hopefully.

Get a book published yet? PLEASE TELL ME WE HAVE! If not we best have kept up with the writing. Look how much better we’ve gotten since the beginning of December till now. I’ll be so incredibly upset if this still isn’t a thing. We’ll unless we found something else better I suppose, I believe in ya. But seriously, this whole blog thing is awesome so I hope you’ve kept it up and have continued to grown it, or moved onto a new one even. I can’t really fathom that right now as I’ve grown rather attached to this bad boy, but hey who knows.

Anyways that’s all I really got. Make me proud of you, of us. Keep up the good work, and follow these crazy dreams of ours to whatever end they may yield. Let fear stay in your heart as it allows us to see our walls, push up against them, and break ’em down. Just don’t become petrified or discouraged by it is all. Stay forward thinking and just thinking in general, it’s gotten us this far, it’s bound to get us other cool places. But I hope all is going well and can’t wait to see you on the other side Jer.

Until then my friend,

Jeremy P.


11 responses to “Dear Future Me,

    • Hahahaha ahh that just made my day haha thank you for that ๐Ÿ™‚ But woah, lets not get ahead of ourselves, spend more time outdoors anyways. Sunny D, the only drug ya ever need ๐Ÿ˜›

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