The 7 Reasons why I hate Traveling … Psshhhh

There are few investments that you get to make in your life that will continue to give back to you everyday. Travel happens to be one of those rare investments, and you get to choose how often and how much you invest into that bad boy.

I personally like to invest as often, and as much as I can. I mean granted it helps that I’m a twenty year old with limited responsibilities. I don’t have a house, car, or insurance payment, and my college is taken care of because I paid attention and did well in school. (Yeah freaking go nerdy me.) So this is the time in my life to travel and pursue life to it’s fullest, because who knows when these kind of chances will roll around again. I sure don’t.

There are however a few aspects that I absolutely hate about traveling. They drive me crazy and keep me tossing and turning at night. If you’ve ever traveled you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t then this is what you have to look forward to.



1. Figuring out where to go.
One of the hardest parts about travel is figuring out where the crap to go. You pull up the world map and discover that the world is bigger then you remembered. When you’re looking at so many possible destinations it’s almost impossible to figure out which ones you want to see the most. They all look so tantalizing, so adventurous, so promising.

2. Pre-planning Jitters.
Yup you know what I’m talking about here. You lie in bed at night, day-dreaming about the streets you’ll get to walk down and the places you’ll get to see. You wonder if the air will smell fresher and the grass be greener over there. Who will you meet and what adventures will be had? It’s to much to think about and handle sometimes.

3. Saving money for the trip.
“But the trip is sooooo far away, I can afford this now. Couple bucks here and there won’t hurt.” Having to synch up the belt and know that fish and chips in a pub will taste way better then a big mac here. So do yourself a favor and just save the money.

4. Having to leave a place.
When you’ve met people and seen things that have changed your life forever. Then you have to step on a plane, train, or bus to leave. Not knowing when you’ll be back or you’ll get to see these people again. It can be one of the hardest goodbyes you ever have to say. And only reality awaits you on the other side.

5. Trying to tell people about your trips.
It’s so hard trying to put your trip and experience into words. It’s almost like trying to explain how you first fell in love with someone. It’s difficult to condense such an experience into a five minute conversation. And you know no matter how hard you try ,there’s no way you’ll ever do it justice.

6. Reverse Culture Shock.
Going home and, well, being home. You fall back into a normal routines, and realize that the world is almost exactly how it was when you left it. And you have to slide back into it. After being somewhere and doing something that goes beyond words. That’s always a fun wake up call to reality.

7. Travel seepage into your everyday life.
You’ll find yourself day dreaming of far away places. Wondering what the food tastes like in Thailand, or how sunny the beach is in Australia. Sometimes you find yourself grinning like a fool and not even meaning to, as people around you wonder why you’re insane. But hey it’s not your fault, you can’t help it.


Numbers 1-3 are things I’m having to deal with now on a very day to day basis, and sometimes it’s hard, not gonna lie, but every second is worth it, as each day is a day closer to departure.

With the advent of a new adventure I have in the works right now, that’s going to be HUGE, that I’ll be letting you all become a part of soon, my excitement can hardly be contained. I’ll be out of the country for roughly 14 months, including the Round Ireland Swim. From May until July 2015, seeing the world and broadening my horizons. So needless to say with that coming up I hate travel right now.


When you’re not on the road your feet tend to itch and your soul wonders, but just remember what it is to travel and get that feeling of awe. How it engulfs you the first time you see something you’ve only read about your whole life. Things tend to get a little better and a bit more bearable when you put it in that perspective.

So keep dreaming, planning and traveling, and I hope I meet you on the road soon!



22 responses to “The 7 Reasons why I hate Traveling … Psshhhh

  1. Wow. Fantastic post my friend! Basically my life in a nutshell and you described each one so perfectly. I also loved the ‘reverse culture shock’, I’m definitely going to start saying that now. Happy travels!

  2. Hey dude really appreciate the follow! Love the post, I always seem to have trouble with telling people about my travels in that I talk about them so much they get sick of hearing them, and reverse culture shock his ten times worse than the initial culture shock for sure! Keep up the good content!

    • Hey no problem man! But yeah I always try to walk that fine line with my friends where I try not to talk about my ventures to much, wouldn’t want to be “that guy” haha. But thank you!

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