I Want to be a Jedi Knight.

As a kid I remember watching good


ol’ Star Wars and wishing that

could be right next to Qui

Gon Jinn and  Obi Wan in 

their epic adventures.

 Lightsabers dancing, meeting

new races, seeing new sights. While I’m

now only a kid at heart I still wish I was a Jedi Knight. 


Hundreds of hours and dollars of my youth were spent on Star Wars. From watching the movies countless times to buying and playing with action figures for who knows how long.

I’d have epic battles between the dark and light side in the confines of my room that would last for days. Full of betrayal, more cliff hangers then any soap opera on T.V, and the battles, oh the battles.

Occasional rouge star fighter battles would break out and spill into the halls and living room, leaving a trail of destruction that could be traced back to the killing ground in my room.

I remember when I’d get bored I’d simply go outside and pick up a stick and my world would become some mysterious planet in the outer regions of space. The stick turned lightsaber would protect me from countless enemies for hours at a time. It’d be a blur of bark as I deflected other lightsabers and blaster shots, slaying hundreds of invisible foes. It’s a wonder how I was a chubby little kid with all that running around I did then.


But truth is, man, I still want to be a Jedi. So so badly. Just think about it for a second. Can one even begin to imagine the possibilities of such a job?! Just go with me for a moment.


I have wanderlust now, just as your average joe. And this travel is very much limited to not only this world, but the safeish places on this world.

Now as a Jedi imagine traveling the galaxy. Woah.

We’re talking the far reaches of the galaxy here. To planets unheard of with who knows what kind of beauty and things to be discovered and seen there. And you’re getting to travel for a good cause. You’re getting to keep the peace and make sure the galaxy doesn’t tear itself apart.

Yeah I know, freaking awesome.


I’m a psychology and sociology double major for a reason, and that’s because I love people knowing how they work and what makes them tick. But that knowledge and study is very much limited to this planet and humans.

As a Jedi though? Nope!

Imagine coming into contact with races and beings that you’ve only dreamed of. And probably a bunch that you haven’t even heard of. With whole histories completely separate and foreign to our own.

Who knows what kind of thoughts and perspectives they’d have on life as well. Their views on things would be capable of teaching us so much, and opening our minds to who knows what.

Basically imagine going to the weirdest people you could think of on earth, like the aborigines or some Indians that eat bugs or something like that. But now multiply that by aliens.

Yeah, blew my mind too.



Honestly these would scare me, and I’d probably end up cutting off my own arm completely on accident before I even did any real good with it. Because I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally hit my own arm, nicked a finger, or grazed a foot twirling my lightsaber toy around as a kid.

And that was a toy… not a beam of laser capable of cutting through anything. Yeah scary.


I honestly just can’t think of a job I’d rather have as a person. The sense of fulfillment that’d come with being a Jedi is almost too much for me to imagine.

You’d get to travel the galaxy, meet and learn about countless other species, races, and cultures, and most importantly you get to help people… or wookies.

You’d have a purpose and be doing something that only a handful of people would get to say they did as well. What a crazy journey it’d be.

Sure Star Wars is some fantasy made up world, but I can’t help but imagine and wonder sometimes what it’d be like to live in it. Call it the kid in me, or the helpless romantic, or even the nomad. Although I’d like to think that Star Wars has had some sort of influence on me and my passion for travel, no matter how subconscious it may have been.

Although I’ll never get to be a Jedi at least there is anther trilogy coming out. That’ll be exciting enough to hold me over for now I suppose.


3 responses to “I Want to be a Jedi Knight.

  1. I loved this! I used to play Star Wars, too, when I was little (this is Elaine of the college adventures writing, by the by). Reading this post makes me want to get out there and start playing again! Although, I will admit that my brother came up with most of the stories, whenever we did play…. Sometimes imagination is a late bloomer, I guess.

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