An Ode to Dreamers


Many of us strive and lust

168354_1774809726621_4475330_n for such a thing. Jetting off to

far away foreign lands and

crossing scenic countryside

via trains and automobiles,

just to get our fix. But we

forget that adventure is

all around us just waiting to be had.

All we have to do is reach out and take it.


 Many of us spend our whole lives trying to break up the monotony of living. Even if it’s for a single second a day. We work our jobs, or go to school, or even live in our parents basements and wonder, imagine, and hope. What’s out there and how do I get it?

We dream, we save, we travel. Repeat. We dream, we save, we travel. Repeat.

We watch adventures on T.V unfold, read blogs from exotic places, and wish we could live lives like that. At least I know I’m guilty of this. For me it’s so easy to forget that travel and adventure is all around us. It’s always lurking right around the corner just begging you to grab it by the hand, take a deep breath, and take the leap with it.


Some do traverse the globe though, and are those people that we watch and read about. Hell, I’ve dabbled in travel myself. Yet even there it’s easy to forget about the small things. It’s always so easy to get wrapped up in the grandeur of an adventure so that it jades your perception of the simple things. It’s finding that balance that’s the fickle trick.

It’s not hard to adventure though. After all, an adventure is just a break from normal everyday life. It’s just a departure from the reality that you’re comfortable and at home in. And to break away from that is not hard to do.

All we have to do is step outside, breath deeply, look for some beauty, wonder, or something different, then GET LOST IN IT!

  • Be a tourist in your own town, or walk down some road or dirt path that you’ve never seen before.
  • Go climb that mountain that’s been calling your name but you haven’t been responding because it’s a twenty mile drive away.
  • Give a flower to a beautiful stranger.
  • Walk down a city street at night with only the lamps to guide you.
  • Play some music for people and expect only warm smiles in return.

Anything can be your vessel of escape, you just have to find it is all.


Granted that in today’s day and age that can be a bit more difficult, as dreaming and thinking isn’t as encouraged as it once was. For corporations, businesses, and nations need cogs rather than dreamers, but that spark is still in all of us. It’s just realizing that it’s there and harnessing it.

Be a dreamer and think dangerously! Don’t become a slave to some age old trade if you can’t help it. Life is to short for that, and from what I hear things only get more difficult as you age. Pursue the things you love, for it’s often easiest to find adventure in that. Not to mention life is just made more beautiful and rich by adventure and getting outside your skin.

Sure it may seem scary at first, but we’re often afraid of the unknown. Welcome that fear, and learn to live with it. Let it guide you and show you the things in life that you’d often overlook or pass over because of that feeling. Once you do this fear becomes a beautiful and worthwhile companion in your life. Not some daunting thing that puts you in a state of stasis.

I realize that some already travel and are living the dream. You may already be perfectly content in your life. And that’s awesome, truly. I’m just a helpless romantic is all and this is just my ode to dreamers.

I’ll leave you with this,

a few of my own little adventures…


Longboarding down a mountian


Staying up all night with friend to paint nerdy shoes.


Conquering my old High School mascot.


Running a 5k with my super squad.


Scaling a mountain with dear friends.


Surprising buddies with a little hulk toast morning delight.


Getting surprised by the boss with a little afternoon tea delight.


Epic battles in the aisles of corporation.


Loving winter.


Jamming backstage before having to be someone else.


And finally, doing Halloween the right way.

So go out, don’t be afraid to get funny looks, or fearful to try out something new. Get lost. There’s always a little adventure just waiting to be had. Keep searching for the small things, seeking out adventure, loving fear, and always keep moving forward.

11 responses to “An Ode to Dreamers

  1. Great philosophy to live by. Seeing every day as an adventure, as minute as it might be, will bring so much fulfillment and happiness to life.

  2. I like this one 🙂 Those times when I was in the midst of a seemingly mundane life and not traveling, I’d make sure to make every day an adventure. Instead of driving to a friends house I’d ride my bike or even longboard too 🙂 Good luck with everything & thanks for the follow!

    • That’s the way to be my friend 🙂 and heck yeah on long boarding *knucks* it’s just a shame it’s to cold out right now to even think about it :/ well at least where I’m at that is. Thank you though and your welcome!

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