Relics of the Road

One of the best parts about traveling1013673_10152921960840368_1873405277_n

is the people which you’ll

encounter during your

wondering. It could be

the person standing

 behind you in some kebab

line, or a fellow roommate in a hostel, or a beautiful stranger in a metro. Either

way fast friendships are usually made because who knows where

your feet will take you tomorrow.


When I was over in Europe last summer I found it incredibly difficult to find any sort of keepsake to buy and bring back to the States. It just seemed incredibly counterproductive and almost like a betrayal to the trip to buy a cheap Eiffel tower statue, or a shamrock magnet. How do you sum up a city or beautiful country and all the experiences you’ve had in a little plastic piece of something? You just can’t.

The result of this was me coming back to the States completely empty handed of gifts to give to loved ones and of any mementos to display on a shelf somewhere to collect dust. It was slightly disappointing at first, because I felt like I’d have more to show for my trip. This translated into some sort of failure in my mind at first. Call it the conformist, or capitalist, or consumer in me I suppose.


The more I thought about it though, and the more I looked at what I had actually brought back, the more I realized what an absolute goon I was. For I had ended up bringing back exactly what I had wanted to in the first place. Things that held actual meaning and summed up what an incredible journey it had been. To anyone else though it may have just looked like a pile of junk and clutter. We’re talking…

  • Coasters and Menus nicked from some of the better pubs and restaurants.
  • A bottle cap from my first legal beer drank.
  • Various letters and notes highlighting incredible nights and lamenting the losing of me back to society.
  • Maps, guides and pamphlets of some of my favorite digs I found and saw.
  • And countless other “junk” I picked up along the way.


These relics of the road would be absolutely useless and meaningless though if they didn’t have the memories attached to them and the people to go along as well. For the greatest thing I brought back from Europe that I cherish the most was the friendships made.

You see just by traveling you are automatically put into a niche of people. You immediately have something in common with every person you meet on the road, and it’s just that, the road. You have that spark and restless passion in your hearts that is always clawing to get out. Some call it wanderlust, some call it being bitten by the traveling bug, and it doesn’t matter what you call it because we all have it there. Just for some it’s more predominant than others.  It’s through this “bug” that I’ve gotten the pleasure to meet all the people I have on the road.


It’s funny how fast a friend you can make while traveling. There’s always that feeling of the unknown in the air when you first meet someone. You have no idea how long you may even be seeing that person before your paths lead you different ways. So in my experience the relationships always burn brightly and are glorious while they last. And this isn’t to say they end when you leave their side, for now with social media it’s easy to stay in contact with these people. Some of my closest friends are from overseas now, something I thought I’d never have the pleasure to say.

With this in mind I’m already getting pumped for my next journey and can’t wait to see what other brilliant people are wondering around out there that I have yet to meet.

Where will we go?

What will we do?

How will it end?

None of those things really matter though, because they will all be good.


12 responses to “Relics of the Road

  1. Not junk at all. Every piece imbued with memories. As it should be. I did likewise and placed items into an album that would mean nothing to anyone else but me. I even poured the perfume I wore onto one of the pages and drew aound the shape knowing that it would evaporate but my memories would not. It’s in the matchstick, the cigarette packet, the flight ticket, a leather lace and all the rest gathered together that take me back to moments lived.
    Good luck on your next adventure.

    • Yeah, but those are the best sorts of things, and such a pleasure to go through from time to time, that sort of things never fails to bring a smile to my face 🙂 Thanks for reading and sharing though!

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