Game Plan

Things are about to take on a whole


new change of pace now that College

starts up again in two days. Christmas

break had afforded me the luxury of a

copious amount of time to dedicate to

travel plans. Although now I’m going to

have responsibilities to maintain and

much less time. But no worries, change isn’t

a bad thing. It’s just learning how to adapt.


The one thing that people don’t tell you about travel is that the adventure doesn’t start when your getting on a plane to fly to your destination. Or when you’re getting in a car for an epic road trip. It doesn’t even begin when you arrive to where ever it is your going. The adventure begins the moment you conceptualize the trip.

What I mean by this is the adventure begins the second you’re told of an opportunity to go somewhere, or asked to go along on a trip, or when you just think of some crazy venture yourself. It’s from that moment on that you’re committed and the journey begins, because so much has to happen between then and actually getting to your destination. Logistically that is.

So much goes into planning for a trip that sometimes it can seem a little overwhelming. And Time? Pshh, what’s time when planning for a big trip? That’s where all the time I had over Christmas break was truly a huge help and head start on everything I had to do. Now that college is starting back up though in two days I’m already beginning to realize that with 18 hours of both classes and work a week that finding time may be a bit more difficult.

There is still so much to do that sometimes I just sit and stare and my computer screen and just wonder where the hell to begin. There’s still…

  • Sponsors to be had.
  • Press to be stirred up.
  • Money to be made and saved.
  • Tickets to find and buy.
  • Equipment to obtain.
  • A work Visa that I still have no idea how I’m going to get. Or where to begin looking.

And that’s just for the Round Ireland bit of it all. On top of that I still have travel besides Ireland that I want to do before the Swim, and perhaps after as well. I’m honestly not sure yet because I haven’t had time to think about it. (damn you time.)  And for that there’s…

  • Figuring out where I even want to go.
  • How long I want to stay in said places for.
  • Figuring out the cheapest and best way to make that happen.
  • More tickets and bookings.
  • Then once that’s done there’s research to be had for what I want to see and do in those places.


Now some of you may be thinking. Just go, and live in the moment! Don’t plan everything out! But the truth is I’m not. I also want to live in the moment and very much do, every day. I just also want to make sure that my future is as bright and as good as I can make it.

That’s why I take this all pretty seriously and put in the time now, so when later I’m in those cities I don’t have to put in that time. Or deal with that confusion. Or have something terrible happen that could have been avoided if I’d just taken care of it earlier. I like to think of it as being a smart traveler. Also it allows me to focus on whatever is happening at hand. It allows me to live more in the moment when I get there. I’ll just have the knowledge on how to do so is all.

That’s why logistics is such a necessary evil. Although it’s not so bad all the time. Not even most of the time actually. It’s  good fun getting to do all the things mentioned above for the simple reason that you have begun your adventure. You know in all the planning that there is a glorious end to it all. The excitement and anticipation gets to grow and build with each day and with each new thing taken care of.

You’re trip or adventure or journey or whatever you want to call it gets to form in front of your very eyes. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that all the work put in will be worth every second later. When your getting to experience a new culture…

… get to wander in and become lost in a new city…

… get to meet strangers in a distant land…

… get to see history in front of your very eyes…

… get to fall in love with something  or someone that you’d have never imagined before…

… get to be apart of that niche of wonderful people who call themselves travelers…

… and most important of all, you get to LIVE!

At least that’s why I travel and work hard every day for it. Because although she may be a needy mistress at times, she sure is a kind rewarding one.

Sure college is gearing back up, and finding time will be more difficult then before, and change is going to start happening fast. But at least it all has an end goal now and it’s all working toward something. And that is something I love.

I’ll leave you with this…


My workstation from home that I’m going to miss.

10 responses to “Game Plan

  1. “the moment you conceptualize the trip”
    great words, sir. i read them only a few days ago and have already used them while talking with other people, attempting to give them some motivation and/or a slight push to start traveling.

    • Your words are to kind madam. I’m glad to have shared the love with a fellow dreamer and adventurer. Also, totally off subject but your name flows like milk and honey, it’s lovely. Thanks again though.

  2. Great post! I totally agree with you on how your trip starts when you imagine your trip, it’s such a great feeling to start picturing what you are going to see and you start feeling excited, full of emotions and anticipation. It’s nice to read about your passion to travel. Keep writing!

    • ’tis a great feeling indeed, It just makes some days stretch out rather long though, it’s almost like waiting on christmas on a day to day basis haha. But thank you for the kind words 🙂

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