Why Committing Personal Arson is OK

When one first thinks of arson they probably thinkfire

of it as a negative thing. Yet it is a necessity for life.

Just like burning out the undergrowth from a forest

to clear way for new life and to re-infuse the ground

with nutrients our lives need clearing and purging

occasionally. Sure it may be scary, but what big thing

in life aren’t?


We all find ourselves stuck in life from time to time. It’s not something that we deliberately do, it just seems to happen, be it…



… finding ourselves in a meaningless relationship.

… simply getting caught in a monotonous routine.

… having no direction for the future or just being afraid of it.

… losing satisfaction at work.

… or just getting bored.


These things don’t make us a bad people, but rather make us human. We all have our problems and vices and every now and then it’s good to purge oneself of those things. To pick up the torch of thought and examine your life to see what can be burned away, or what may be wilted and dying and needs to go. Once you’ve found those things, SET EM ON FIRE.


Watch it burn bright and blaze into the night! Bask in the warmth knowing that in the morning you have a new patch of fertile ground to plant seeds in for the future. Relish in the gift of freedom and what that brings. You have breathing room in a whole vast new realm of possibilities!

This is healthy, and not self destructive. For movement is life. Things die and become stale when they sit in one place for to long. They begin looking like everything else that surrounds it. What’s the point of life and living if you’re just going through the same motions everyday and not moving forward?

I’m not saying necessarily sell your car and house and drop everything and move to a new country. Fire is a tricky thing and requires responsibility to wield. The arson doesn’t have to be huge and drastic, and you don’t have to reinvent yourself. I’m just saying find what IT is in your life and get rid of it. It can be as small as deciding your done saying sorry for stupid things, or you’re going to try and be more true to yourself.

My life right now is a charred mosaic. Where before it was an forest that I’d become lost in. I torched habits, lifestyles, vices, ‘friends’, viewpoints, and so much more. And I’ve forgotten what else really because it wasn’t worth remembering in the first place. Call that arson criminal but I call it progress.

Now it’s all burnt and gone I have 

  • A new garden, one where I choose the seeds, and get to nurse them how I want.
  • The ability to see my wandering feet better.
  • Success, positive thinking, and new outlook.
  • Fresh, healthy air to breath in, where before it was stagnant.
  • Motivation, where before I had none.

Sure this can seem scary, but all things in life have their risks, scares, and fears associated with them, because the future can be a frightening thing. But that’s where the beauty and reward of it comes in. When it takes that bravery, faith and courage to set that initial flame. Because imagine how unsatisfying life would be if everything was easy and risk free. Satisfaction stems from work, strife, decisions and taking gambles.

So go forth now with your torches and gasoline and don’t be afraid to clear up some dead growth. And if you know someone who has a lot of overgrowth in their life then pass the torch forward. Also let me know what you’ve burnt recently, plan to burn, and how being a criminal feels!

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