Land of Opportunity

This summer an adventure is awaiting. 


With each passing day and each new

development on the project the more

excited I’m becoming. The prep work is

tough and time consuming, but I’ve been enjoying

every second of itLet me catch you up to speed on exactly what’s going on

this summer and where things are going. 


This summer is going to be a crazy one! I get the privilege of being 1st mate on a voyage that will be trying to accomplish a world first.The goal is for Ripley Davenport to swim solo all the the way around Ireland, where he’ll be battling jelly fish, weather, his body, and the ocean itself.

I’ll be along for the ride (oh what a ride it’ll be) as first mate and will provide support for Ripley as he needs it. I’ll be an extra hand to help make sure the adventure goes as smoothly as possible. Maintaining the website, boat, crews sanity, my own sanity, cooking, cleaning, and just being a jack of all trades.

While I’m extremely excited about the opportunity to embark on a new adventure, and it feels great to have the summer planned out I do still also have crazy fears.

The longest I’ve ever been on a boat was when I crossed the English Channel to get to France. Sure I’ve had the occasional lake fun growing up with friends. With inter tubes and water skiing and all those shenanigans, but nothing close to this!

Will it become lonely out at sea?

We’ll be living at sea. Woah! That’ll be new and fun and incredible but sometimes I wonder how things like sea sickness will effect me and how long my favorite color will remain blue.

What if the captain doesn’t like me?

What if I get eaten by sharks somehow, I mean that’s something that can happen on the sea right?

I mean am I actually capable of this? Am I strong enough, smart enough, personable enough, blah blah blah.

 But I’m  welcoming these fears as a chance to learn more about myself and the world. Because what’s the point of adventure, travel, and experience if it’s not new, challenging, and scary?!

I’ve always loved a challenge and learning new things, and this is exactly both of those. Also I like having something new to explore on the internet (where I’ll do most of my preparing and learning in prep for the summer before proper training is had with the rest of the crew.) Because there is only so much boat work I can practice while attending college and holding a part time job.

 But then I take a deep breath and realize wow…

…What an awesome adventure this will be.

… I’ll be seeing Ireland in a way few people ever have before.

…I’m only 20 years old and I’m getting to do this?!

… I’ll be getting to do something I absolutely love; travel, adventure, getting outside my comfort zone and pushing myself.

… I’ll get to be working with lovely people who will make every second of it that much more enjoyable.

… I’ll get to grow, learn, and DO.

…  and I won’t have to work a boring job! Wooo!

My head spins and reels with happiness sometimes and I find myself smiling without even meaning to. It’s crazy how life takes turns you’d never have imagined a year ago, and it’s exciting to see what the future holds, no matter how shaky and scary it may seem sometimes.

My future is very uncertain, but I’d rather have it no other way, because it’s in my hands now. My future is moving in a direction I LOVE! Sure there are those chances that it won’t work out long term, but if I let the “what ifs” dictate my life then I’d be empty of all passion and drive. I’d live cautiously and safely. But…


I want to live and experience failure and then have it teach me how to be better!

I want to explore and get lost in beauty and see where it leads me!

I want to stare fear in the eye so I can understand her and see how she moves and thinks so I can better live with her and conquer her.

I want to do stupid spontaneous things so I can laugh and smile later.

I want these things and so much more so when I catch myself in the mirror sometimes I can look at myself and think, “Huh, I turned out good. I love who I am and where I’m going. I’m doing me and chasing dreams. I guess I am a pretty cool guy.

But I don’t say all this to sound conceded or brag on my life or anything close to that. I say all this to encourage the chasing of dreams. The pursuit of whims. The finding of “your thing“. And the betterment and growth of the mind, body, and soul.

I also say all this because I’m insecure in so so many ways. Like we all are, but it’s all about the perspective on which we interpret life and how we use those insecurities to benefit us rather than hinder us. So chase your dream. Follow your whim. Stay weird and take the leap if you haven’t already! I promise it’ll be worth it, and one day you’ll look back and wonder why you even worried in the first place. And who cares if you’re twenty or sixty three, it’s never too late to live.

Also check out the Ireland swim website. It can tell you more about it and probably do a better job at it then I can. If you have any other questions or thoughts please leave a comment below or email me

I love you all and lets chase down this summer and kick off the new year the right way. With hope and a heart full of wonder and drive to chase the things we love.

And I’ll leave you with this…

The first place my ideas go. Everything has to start somewhere, and usually with a simpler beginning then you’d expect.

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