Growing Pains

Christmas break and the holidays is always one of my favorite times of the year just for the simple fact of getting to see old friends again. There is nothing quite like seeing a friend that you haven’t seen in ages. It’s almost like getting to touch base with a side of yourself that you haven’t gotten to experience for a while, and things always seem at their best when you’re in good company. The last two days I’ve been in the company of just that. 


I remember being in elementary school and looking up to older kids and adults and thinking that they were absolute giants and monuments of people. That the tasks they accomplished were vast and all important and the lives they led must have been incredibly complex for my simple young mind to understand. I remember thinking that at age 18 I was going to be all grown up, and things were only up hill from there. I thought there would be some sort of moment that would define entering into adulthood and that it would be a whole new phase of my life. It’s crazy though how those large intimidating respectable adults slowly shrink to your size as you age and their wonder and charm wears off. Then before you know it you’re eighteen and an “adult” and things just weren’t as they seemed when your were ten years old. The world does become more complex and complicated sure but in ways you could have never fathomed.

Now here I am at twenty, still not knowing what it even means to be an adult or if I’m there yet or when I will be there, I’m still not sure if there’s this magical moment where it all becomes clear. Although in growing up there are things that I’ve noticed. And whenever I’m at home those things get highlighted more. I find myself enjoying little things in life more, and enjoying people’s company is something I no longer take for granted as much and view it more as a gift. Especially in getting to see old best friends from high school and younger years. It has this odd ability of just immediately centering me and shooting me back down to earth and grounding me out in a pleasant sort of way. It just feels as if my soul gets to take a huge breath of relief. It’s quite nice to get to come back home, although I’m starting to miss school and am ready to dive back into a whole trove of new classes, new experiences, new friends, and new adventures that are just waiting to be had.

Take care everyone and hope you all had a happy New Years, talk again soon.


Leave you with a little golden nugget from the past


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