Simple Beginnings

I’m a twenty year old college kid who’s majoring in Psychology and Sociology with my minor in Anthropology. I’m hard working and adventurous, but when I woke up this afternoon at around 1130, my usual Christmas break time to awaken, something was different. Instead of falling into my normal habits of monotony and gliding by  I decided I’d make a change. I wasn’t going to try and make a change, or think about making a change like I usually find myself doing but never getting around to it, today was the day to make change happen. So that’s what I’m doing.

I’ve had adventures in the past, be it my European adventure last summer where I saw England, France and Ireland. Or be it the short movies I’ve made with my friends. These adventures have always led to nothing but good things for my future. But lately I’ve had trouble finding motivation and inspiration, not a lot has been getting done or moving forward, and quite frankly I’m tired of that. I’m ready to lay the foundation now for my future and do the things I love and want to do rather than fall prey to what I think society wants me to do. 

An excuse isn’t needed to shake things up, I’m just ready to take back control of my life and make my own path rather then letting things come my way and just getting by. I’m an adventurous soul and I’m ready for my next big adventure and that adventure starts today. Today I begin my journey toward this summer, where I’ll join Ripley Davenport with his world first round Ireland swim (check him out at and from there on out it’s only up. So from here on out I invite you to join me on this journey and see where it takes me and you or whoever wants to embark on it with me. We’ll keep it real, stay weird, adventurous, full of life and joy and chase down dreams and whims, share dangerous ideas, ask questions and keep helplessly romantic. All it takes is a little effort and belief. LETS DO THIS THING!166038_10152912598020503_957584186_n

2 responses to “Simple Beginnings

  1. Never Look back man!!! Hold strong and catch the memories your making by lens, by journal, and by heart! #jealous 🙂

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